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Integrative Medicine and Wellness Services

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Infusion Therapy

Direct infusion of important nutrients as well immune boosting and nootropic compounds

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Oxygen & Oxidology

Cutting edge therapies to maximize oxygenation

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Energy Medicine

Working with your body's natural energy to heal and remain healthy.

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Help your body detox with time tested protocols

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BioIdentical Hormonal Restoration

Restore hormones

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Executive Flow

Maximize your edge and ability to attain flow states

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Athletic Performance

Increase your performance by unlocking your body's potential

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Hand-crafted Therapies

Therapies and protocols made by Dr. Tom, just for your needs

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Wise Prevention & Screening

Screening and preventive health will keep you living the life you want, longer

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Personalized Results

Solving a problem is not the point of health care, your long term quality of life is